Sustainable development has become a full-fledged part of the life of every member of our team. Joint actions for the future!

Each member of our team is committed to fully integrating sustainable development into their daily lives


  • AVgroup’s experts and specialists operate in various countries, which is why remote work has been a fundamental practice from our inception

  • Every day, we endeavor to enhance our environmental footprint, foster the well-being of employees, and maintain the highest level of ethical and quality service

We engage with all stakeholders based on the principles of ethics and equality. We aim to minimize environmental risks, incorporate social issues into our corporate social responsibility, and implement projects that have a significant impact on society




Assist in minimising environmental, social and economic negative impacts

Promote awareness of sustainable development to all stakeholders

Be a reliable, ethical and professional business partner

Corporate Sustainability of AVgroup

Our overarching aim is to provide independent, expert support to businesses, governments and the public sector in the adoption of best practices for sustainable development.


We invite all interested parties to cooperate!

Our stakeholders

We engage in continuous interaction with both internal and external stakeholder groups, assessing them according to the extent to which our company impacts a specific group and the influence these groups wield over our operations.

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Our clients are more than customers; they are our business partners. We ensure that our communication is structured so that every piece of feedback and suggestion is acknowledged and addressed.
Our engagement begins with forming a project implementation plan and often continues well after its completion.
Continuous communication with our clients includes joint participation in events, support and expert advice, and the search for new partnership opportunities.

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Securing sustainable supply chains is a critical aspect for any company pivoting towards sustainable development.
We endeavor to partner with contractors who embrace the principles of sustainable development and meet international standards.
We have transitioned the majority of our document flow to a digital format and are committed to utilizing innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of all work processes.

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Engaging effectively with leading industry stakeholders is paramount for us. We maintain constant vigilance over news from international financial institutions to keep our clients informed.
Our communication prioritizes ease: we use investor-friendly terminology to the business community through official correspondence, online events and reporting documents.

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Indispensable to the sector, without whom global sustainable development would be unattainable. Consequently, we vigilantly track initiatives at the national level and, whenever feasible, actively participate in implementing changes at the levels of countries, cities, and regions.

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Many of our projects have a direct correlation with assessing the impact of environmental, social, and economic factors on communities.
The selection of appropriate communication methods with communities is contingent upon their suitability in a specific region and the objectives of the project.

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Cooperation with civil society activists is fundamental to fostering a robust community of individuals with shared values.
For this reason, we diligently track all initiated projects and activities in the sector and join them whenever possible.

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Our experts and specialists uphold to ethical standards and human rights. We are committed to the professional development and well-being of our staff. .
Each team member is afforded opportunities for professional growth and expertise enhancement.

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We engage with Ukrainian and international print and online media to disseminate expert and verified information on best practices of sustainable development using various communication methods.

AVgroup is dedicated to achieving three key Sustainable Development Goals through our operations


4 Quality Education 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Education in consulting
Our consultative approach is uniquely enhanced by its educational component. 

Adhering to our principle of 'explain first, implement second,' we dedicate 30% of our efforts to educational sessions, training, and intellectual games.

● In 2021, we became part of the Global Reporting Initiative, so we are an official Training Partner for non-financial reporting according to GRI standards.● In 2020, in collaboration with The Dutch Development Bank (FMO), our ecosystem ally, we established the International Sustainable Academy and launched the ECA Sustainability Hub – a platform promoting interaction between businesses and investors, now active in 35 countries!● Furthemore, we support educational projects of other organizations that contribute to the sustainable development of society, such as the Mohyla Hackathon and the International Sustainability Forum


Our employment practises are predicated on professionalism and pertinent experience, disregarding differences such as gender, nationality, age, or any other distinctions. Transparency is integral to our company. We conduct our work with integrity and collaborate exclusively with those who align with our values. Through our official endeavors, we actively contribute to the economic growth of our country and the world, recognizing that we are all integral components of a vast global mechanism.

Employment practises
We are committed to providing decent working conditions and competitive wages


Business and organizational support 

We do our best to assist businesses and organisations understand and fulfil their responsibilities, plan for the future, and to align their operations with international standards.

Furthermore, we assist IFIs and creditors in bolstering confidence in their investment decisions. These collaborative partnerships are indispensable in accessing new markets, strengthening the global economy, and fostering collaborations that contribute to a sustainable future.

Moreover, we actively support the trend of establishing and maintaining ecosystem partnerships. As evidence of our commitment, we are proud partners of the inaugural international association of sustainability practitioners in Ukraine, the Association of Sustainable Development Experts, and a member of the GRI Community.


Official policy - Sustainability policy

Sustainability stands as a foundational principle in AVgroup's policy. We integrate it comprehensively across the company's operations, spanning personnel management, environmental impact reduction, global stakeholder communication, and educational initiatives. Our direction is guided by the sustainable development and Integrated Management System Policy, which motivates us to set annual goals.

Compliance with international standards

We are committed to ensuring that our services and internal procedures adhere to the highest standards, and we are continually striving for improvement. In 2021, we successfully completed a certification audit, receiving confirmation of compliance with the international standard ISO 14001. 

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