Joint action for the future
Sustainable development has become a full part of the life of every member of our team. We work with all stakeholders on the principles of ethics and equality. We minimize environmental risks, integrate social issues into our corporate social responsibility, and implement projects that have a significant impact on society.

AVgroup experts and specialists are represented in different countries of the world, which is why we have been practicing remote work from the very beginning.

Every day we try to improve our environmental footprint, promote the well-being of employees, and practice the best level of ethical and quality service.

Corporate Sustainability of AVgroup

Our big goal is to provide independent, expert support to business, government and the public sector in implementing best practices in sustainable development.

That's why we have defined for ourselves the "three pillars" of AVgroup sustainability:
Minimize environmental, social and economic negative impacts
Promote awareness of the sustainable development of all stakeholders
Be a reliable, ethical and professional business partner
Our stakeholders
We are constantly working with internal and external stakeholder groups, all of which are defined taking into account the degree of influence of our company on a particular group and vice versa.
International Financial Institutions
Ecosystem partners
State and local authorities 
Non-governmental organizations 
We invite all the stakeholders to cooperate!
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - are a general call for action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity for all people in the world.

AVgroup has identified three key goals that we contribute to in our activities:
Quality Education
The educational component of consulting is our advantage. From the first day of foundation, we follow the logic: first explain - then implement. That is why 30% of our work consists of educational sessions, trainings, and intellectual games. In 2019, we became part of the Global Reporting Initiative, so we are officially trainers for non-financial reporting.
And in 2020 we joined the team to create the International Sustainable Business Academy.

Together with our ecosystem partner The Dutch Development Bank, FMO in 2020 launched the ECA Sustainability Hub - a platform for interaction between business and investors, which already covers 35 countries! Anyone can listen to the experts and discuss, as access to the platform is free.

We also support educational projects of other organizations that contribute to the sustainable development of society. For instance, the Mohyla Hackathon and the International Sustainability Forum 2021.

Decent work & Economic growth

We provide decent working conditions and competitive wages. The criteria for employment are only professionalism and relevant experience, not gender, nationality, age or other differences.

Our company is completely transparent. We do our job honestly and work only with those who share our values. Through our official activities, we contribute to the economic growth of our country and the world, because we are all just small parts of a large global mechanism.
Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

We do our best to help businesses and organizations understand and fulfill their responsibilities, plan for the future, and improve operations in line with international standards. On the other hand, we also help MFIs and creditors to be confident in their investment decisions. These bilateral partnerships help to open new markets, enrich the world economy and find new cooperation that can contribute to a sustainable future.

We also support the trend of creating and maintaining ecosystem partnerships. That is why we are partners of the first international association of sustainability practitioners in Ukraine- Association of Sustainable Development Experts and a member of the GRI Community.
Tilda Publishing
Sustainability is a pillar of AVgroup's policy. We integrate it into the company's activities at every level: from personnel policy and minimization of environmental impact to communication with stakeholders around the world and educational activities.

That is why we are guided by the Policy in the field of sustainable development and integrated management system and annually set goals.
Official policy
Tilda Publishing
We strive to ensure that our services and internal procedures meet the highest standards and are constantly working to improve.

That is why in 2021 we passed the certification audit and received confirmation of compliance with the international standard ISO 14001.
Compliance with international standards
AVgroup became a partner of the first international sustainability forum in Ukraine
AVgroup supported the Mohyla Hackathon
AVgroup and The Dutch Development Bank FMO organized a joint project
Our partners
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