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We are specialists-practitioners, so we implement only what will be of real benefit to you. Sustainable development of the company is not a point of social projects or communication manifestations, but a clear strategic element of development at the level of financial strategy. Our main task is to organically integrate the environmental, social, and governance components into your activities and lead to clear and measurable results.

We will show you how sustainable development:

Investors are increasingly insisting that companies comply with ESG criteria, international policies, and procedures. Companies that are already working on the presence of environmental, social, and governance components very soon will be far away from competitors.
Preparing to international ISO certification

ISO certification certifies that the management system, production process, service or documented procedure meets all requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

Non-financial reporting
Non-financial reporting is a tool for transparency of the company's environmental, social and economic activities to all stakeholders. This is also the best communication channel with investors to represent your sustainability path.
Stakeholder engagement
Employees, customers, local authorities, communities, investors. Key stakeholders can make their own demands or provide restrictions according to their activities in their field, which is extremely important to consider when assessing project risks.
Environmental and Social Management
Environmental and Social risk management and determining the company's impacts are a necessary part of the company's sustainable development. We audit and develop an action plan to improve business process and resource efficiency, modernize production, and involve stakeholders.

How does it work?

Supporting the company's operational activities in the sustainable development area.
Consulting gives your company a strategy. Outsourcing gives "hands" that always have access to knowledge in the environmental, social and governmental fields. This is not a narrowly focused specialist working on one task, this is a new member of the team - your guide to sustainable development.

You receive constant professional support, access to the latest international practices, and ways to implement them.

We appoint a manager according to the specifics of your industry and form a roadmap for the cooperation so that you can track progress at each stage of it.
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We are convinced that a company's development depends on the most valuable resource — people. Investing in the education of human resources is the most important indicator for the growth and success of any business!

International Sustainability Business Academy will be a platform for you to improve your knowledge in the field of sustainable development. All programs are based on international experience, which we adapt to your industry.

The task of the Academy is to increase the level of knowledge in the field of sustainable development and show how it works in practice. Every student of the Academy is a potential leader of the company's changes.
Learning options:

short-termed programs

thematic courses

corporate programs
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