AVgroup extended the training partnership with GRI for the next year

AVgroup has been a certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative since 2020. We recently updated our annual license to continue formal cooperation and promotion of knowledge on non-financial reporting.
Global Reporting Initiative — it is an international independent organization that promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability through non-financial reporting. The initiative has developed standards used by businesses, NGOs, and even governments around the world to produce sustainable reports. GRI reporting helps organizations understand their external influences, as well as share this knowledge with stakeholders. While the availability of annual non-financial statements is a requirement for working with many investors, creditors, and international companies, GRI Standards are becoming the common reporting language.
Tilda Publishing
AVgroup has been a training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative for over a year. We regularly conduct online and offline trainings for business and international organizations, as well as support companies in writing non-financial reports.

This month we received a license extension, so we are ready to continue working with companies that are on the path to sustainable development!
Our big goal is to provide independent, expert support to businesses, governments and the public sector in implementing best practices in sustainable development.