CEO of AVgroup took part in the Kyiv International Economic Forum

Alina Sokolenko, AVgroup CEO, moderated the panel “Global Climate Politics. What should business prepare for? ” which took place on October 7 at the Kyiv International Economic Forum.
This year's Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) has drawn a lot of attention to the topic of sustainable development, including global climate policy, which will definitely affect all business actors. AV Group Director Alina Sokolenko moderated the panel “Global Climate Policy. What should business prepare for?” which took place on October 7.
Speakers discussed the new rules for business in accordance with the new climate policy, the new EU regulations for green finance, the balance between economic, social, and environmental components, and the course of European integration:
  • Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker, Honorary President of the Club of Rome, Ex Co-chair, International Resource Panel, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP);
  • Donatus Kaufmann, Senior Partner at Berlin Global Advisors;
  • Oleksandr Dombrovskyi, Vice-President of MHP, President of MHP Eco Energy, Chairman of the Board of Public Union Global 100% RE Ukraine;
  • Denis Morozov, First Deputy of CEO, INTERPIPE;
  • Kyrylo Kryvolap, Head of the Center for Economic Recovery, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine;
  • Dmytro Sakharuk, Executive Director of DTEK.
Today, climate change mitigation is a part of the leading Ukrainian companies' strategies. Climate policy has long been a major factor in the redistribution of global financial flows. Every year, investors' requirements for sustainability grow and become more stringent. In order to keep up, it is necessary to follow and implement climate policies. However, each company on its own will not be able to accept the risk on a national scale, so it is the coordinated work of all stakeholders that will contribute to achieving the goals of carbon neutrality.
Alina Sokolenko, СEO AVgroup.
Our big goal is to provide independent, expert support to businesses, governments and the public sector in implementing best practices in sustainable development.