Research on Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement for a Norwegian company

Scatec Solar, a company specializing in renewable energy systems, has implemented the Boguslav Solar Power Plant project. To comply with the program and sustainable development missions, the project should have met the IFC Performance Standard 5.

Environmental & Social Management
The Norwegian company manages 5 solar stations in Ukraine. One of the projects in Boguslav (Boguslavenergy LLC) required a study on land acquisition and involuntary resettlement to ensure compliance with the IFC Performance Standard 5.
IFC Performance Standard 5 - Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement

According to the standard, if resettlement of a community is unavoidable while implementing the project, the company must offer compensation at the full cost of resettlement losses, as well as provide other assistance to restore or improve living conditions or livelihoods of victims. Compensation conditions should be transparent and apply equally to all communities and displaced persons. If their source of livelihood is related to land or the land is collectively owned, the company must offer compensation related to the respective land use. The company takes possession of the acquired land and related assets only after the provision of compensation and, where necessary, after the provision of resettlement areas and relocation allowance in addition to the compensation. The company also provides relocated individuals and communities with the opportunity to receive relevant development benefits from the project.

During the cooperation we did the following:
develop measures to minimize the social and economic consequences of land acquisition or restrictions on the use of land plots by victims
provide recommendations for additional measures during the involuntary resettlement
hold interviews with local people and local authorities regarding the project
analyze the impact of the project on all stakeholders
a study of land acquisition and forced resettlement was conducted;

a Livelihood Restoration Plan was developed;

a historical study of land ownership for 10 years was carried out;

all previous owners and users were identified: both official and unofficial;

the audit of each site was carried out taking into account crops, plantings during the spring-autumn period, potential losses were calculated;

compensatory measures in accordance with IFC Performance Standard 5 - Acquisition of Land and Involuntary Resettlement were developed and calculated;

a 5-year social program of interaction with the local population was developed.
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