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We help to open up environmental, social and governance opportunities through counseling, training and practice

The concept of sustainable development confidently occupies a leading position among the global business community. Proponents of sustainability emphasize that the lack of environmental and social components of companies threatens the loss of economic prosperity and market position. However, financial results still remain a priority for a business in any industry.
Value that can be capitalized
Reduces environmental, social and governance risks
Reduces production costs due to integrated management decisions
Increases the company's capitalization - opens international markets
Increases the level of consumer confidence and interest
Promotes transparency and a positive image among stakeholders

How does sustainable development affect the company itself?

Stories of companies we work with
ESG-strategy for the company to enter the stock markets
Clean energy company Elementum Energy has set a goal of entering international stock markets, certifying business processes and entering the Sustainalytics rating. The tool for achieving the goals is a strategy of sustainable development based on ESG-criteria.
Environmental and social assessment of the oldest resort in the Caucasus
In 2023, the city of Bakuriani will host the winter sports championship. One of the key aspects is the preparation of the city's infrastructure in accordance with international standards and the implementation of programs for sustainable development of the local economy.
Road safety system for the leader of the logistics market of Ukraine
As part of an agreement to obtain a loan from the EBRD, Nova Poshta has undertaken a number of environmental and social commitments. Saving the lives and health of workers through the road safety system is one of them.
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News and publications
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