AV Group has extended its training partnership with GRI until October 2023

AV Group has been a certified training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative since 2020. We recently renewed our annual license to continue official cooperation and knowledge sharing in non-financial reporting.

Global Reporting Initiativeis an international independent organization that promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability through non-financial reporting. The initiative has developed standards used by businesses, non-governmental organizations, and even governments around the world to produce sustainable reports. GRI reporting helps organizations understand their external impact and share this knowledge with stakeholders. While the availability of annual non-financial reports is a necessary condition for cooperation with many investors, creditors, and international companies, GRI Standards are becoming the most common reporting language.

About the history of our cooperation

AV Group signed an agreement with GRI on April 17, 2020, and since then the company has come a long way to train its experts from certified trainers and GRI Sustainability Professionals.

From November 1, 2021, the company received a certificate that confirms the possibility of providing knowledge to everyone.

The certified training program helps to develop sustainability reporting skills, understand the entire process, from an effective start to full control of the entire chain of the reporting process to create the best GRI report.

The biggest advantage of studying with a training partner is the use of the regional language for teaching and the use of local business cases for even greater understanding and immersion in the topic of sustainable development.

All certified training partners are displayed in global lists on the GRI website, where anyone can find a certified organization in the region of their choice.

Moreover, since May 2020, the company has been a member of the GRI Community association, which provides the opportunity to participate in pieces of training, round tables, and webinars alongside global companies and professionals in the field of sustainable reporting, exchange experiences and opinions with market partners and stay informed recent world events and updates on non-financial reporting and sustainable development in general.

Tilda Publishing

AV Group has been a training partner of the Global Reporting Initiative for more than a year. We regularly conduct online and offline pieces of training for business representatives and international organizations, as well as support companies in writing non-financial reports.

In November, we received an extension of the license, and therefore, we are ready to continue cooperation with companies that are on the path of sustainable development!

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