Social management and stakeholder engagement

The stakeholder engagement process covers the entire project life cycle.
Often, the success of the company depends on building social management.
Systematic, logic and practicality are its basis. We develop a stakeholder engagement strategy from planning and goal setting to monitoring and evaluation.
Strategy Elements:
Planning. Determine what goals and issues your project needs to be solved. Stakeholder portrait.
Stakeholder engagement before starting the project. After setting specific goals, we gather ideas and suggestions from stakeholders with diverse backgrounds. This helps to develop and adjust plans for alternative decision and eliminate risks.
Monitoring and evaluating stakeholder relationships.
Adjusting plans. Gathering data, evaluating engagement level and using data collection findings to adjust strategies and tactics.
Identification of project stakeholders. In levels of interest, influence and motivation. This allows us to anticipate the risks and identify the project leaders who will have the greatest impact.
Implementation. Early involving of operational team helps you to understand expectations, analyze problems, design an end-user development plan and realize benefits, plan opportunities and resources.