Social management and Stakeholder engagement

Manage Stakeholder Engagement is the process of communicating and working with stakeholders throughout the project life cycle which contributes to the success of the project.
As with any other business process, the process for engagement should be systematic, logical and practical. We provide a process that will take you from the starting point of planning and identifying objectives through to post monitoring and evaluation.
We develop stakeholder strategy focusing on:
Planning: Identifying basic objectives, issues to address and the stakeholders that prioritise as critical to the organization.
Understanding, who stakeholders are: identifying who all the stakeholders are, their levels of interest, influence. motivations etc, enables project managers to get ahead of stakeholder-related risks such as conflicts of interest, and to identify project champions who can help and influence.
Involving stakeholders early: to establish a shared understanding of objectives, the opportunity for gathering ideas and input from people with different perspectives and experience, and for developing and adjusting plans to incorporate alternative solutions and address risks.
Implementation: involving delivery and operational teams early helps to set expectations, understand and respond to issues, embed best practice, design for the end user and benefits-realisation, and plan capabilities and resources.
Monitoring and assessment overall project stakeholder relationships and adjusting strategies and plans for engaging stakeholders. The process involves collecting data, assessing the level of engagement and using insights from the data collection to adjust strategies and tactics for engaging effectively with stakeholders.
Your stakeholders will lead your project to success or vice versa, choice is in your strategy.