International system management certification

Today, many successful companies choose voluntary certification for compliance with international standards. Why?
Implementation of international standards promotes consumer confidence, security, reliability and quality of products and services. International standards cover virtually all aspects of our daily lives. International Standards covering almost all aspects of our daily life. So, international quality standards for air, water and soil, environmental management of products and services contribute to the protection of the environment and economic benefits. Implementation of international standards allows improving management system performance taking into account safety and quality of food products, energy consumption, occupational safety and others.


Advantages of certification in accordance with international standards:
increase of competitiveness
guarantee of compliance with the safety conditions for health and environment
increase of investment attractiveness of the enterprise
providing the consumer with additional confidence in the quality of products and services
additional opportunities for obtaining business financing on advantageous terms
improving reputation

Realizing the importance and benefits of certification with international standards, the company AV Group offers a wide range of development and implementation of measures for successful certification in accordance with the internationally recognized standards.

AV Group's services include:
Development and implementation of management systems and certification support in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, 14001, 22001, 39001, 45001, 50001
Training and mentoring for personnel on the implementation and maintenance of management systems in accordance with the requirements of international standards
Preparation and maintenance of organic farming certification
Development, implementation and maintenance of HACCP / GMP + systems