Financial consulting

Financial Consulting - a research and consulting aimed, primarily, to prioritize the distribution of financial flows in order to gradually increase company profits and make effective management decisions
Financial consulting involves assessing the risks and opportunities that affect the long-term value of the company. Such an assessment covers a wide range of risks: from possible reputational to current operational problems
AV Group financial consulting related to the operational activities of enterprises:
Analysis of financial and economic activity with an optimization proposal
Analysis of the tax structure of the company with an optimization proposal
Development of motivation systems for employees in accordance with the company's goals
Calculating the cost and effectiveness of starting a new business direction, projects
Establishment of management accounting, budgeting and reporting, development of regulatory documentation, automation of accounting
Outsourcing services: regular management reporting, reporting control, monthly auditing of accounts with conclusions and proposals, financial and economic support
In addition, the considerable experience of our specialists in the field of financial consulting allows AV Group to offer our clients strategic business consulting services for business owners. Strategic financial consulting is aimed at changing financial and managerial policies and investment processes with a view to long-term increase in company profits. At this stage, our specialists are ready to offer you the optimal ways for further financial development of your business based on analytical market research and forecasting of the economic situation, as well as analysis of various options of your company's marketing policy.
Strategic business consulting services:
Strategic planning and business strategy development
Creating an updated business process structure
Sales management
Implementation of CRM systems
Investment analysis
Project management
Comprehensive business evaluation and risk detection (Due dilligence)
Identification of key performance indicators and building financial models of business
Construction of management reporting
Implementation of investment attraction projects (debt or equity)
Development of marketing strategy and communications with the client
Creation of integrated solutions based on online promotion of products and services

Another activity of AV Group is the provision of training and business coaching, aimed at increasing the efficiency of achieving personal and professional goals.

AV Group offers the development of individual training and development programs for staff and top management, in particular:
Business Coaching: new business, business transformation, planning, budgeting, management accounting, strategic development
Corporate Coaching for business development, leadership and personnel management for managers, board of directors
Coaching on motivation and striving by setting goals, managing time and improving work efficiency
Coaching in marketing and advertising: strategic marketing, sales promotion, public relations, SMM, branding, price strategy development