Development of design and permission documentation

The activities of many companies are accompanied by negative impact on human health, the surrounding area and the environment in general. Therefore, in accordance with applicable national environmental law business activity without environmental safety requirements is a violation that may result in sanctions by regulatory agencies and even the suspension of business.
One of the main criteria for compliance with legal requirements in the environmental impact are appropriate and obtained permits. Development and coordination of environmental documentation - a difficult process that requires adequate knowledge and considerable experience.

AV Group provides development services of reporting and permit documentation in accordance with Ukrainian legislation for various industries. With our experts, you can be sure of high quality service and receive qualified support and reliable assistance in the coordination of environmental documentation at state authorities.
Our services in development of design and permission documentation:
1. Air protection
  • Inventory of sources of pollutants in the air
  • Development of documents justifying emissions permits for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from stationary sources
  • Conducting instrumental control of stationary sources of pollution (laboratory measurements)
2. Waste management
  • Development and approval of waste declarations, as well as calculation of waste generation index
  • Inventory of wastes
  • Development and approval of technical passports and registration cards of waste products
  • Purchase and waste utilization
3. Technical inventory of green plantations
The set of measures of inspection, assessment and certification of green spaces for accounting and security. The results of inventory of greenery complexes are made in:
  • Inventory plan
  • Working diary of trees accounting (green plantations)
  • Technical passport of objects of green plantations
4. Water use
  • Development, submission, maintenance of documents for obtaining a permit for special water use with calculations of water consumption and drainage (if necessary)
  • Development of standards for maximum allowable discharges
  • Registration of water passports, etc.
5. Work places attestation
  • Assistance in the execution of the Order on the certification of workplaces
  • Identification and registration of the list of jobs to be attested
  • Conducting research hygienic environment factors, severity and intensity of the work process in the workplace
  • Mapping of working conditions
  • Establishing the degree of harmfulness and danger of labor and its nature by hygienic classification, etc.
6. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
The purpose of the EIA - developing the necessary measures to prevent the harmful effects of the planned economic activity on the environment or minimization of the impact of the impossibility of its complete elimination
7. Environmental audit and monitoring, environmental maintenance of the companies
8. Consulting services and assistance in the field of environmental protection