Design of gas storage facilities

The most important technological element of the gas transportation system of any state is underground gas storage. The strategic purpose of underground storage of gas is to regulate the seasonal unevenness of gas consumption, additional gas supply to consumers in the event of extreme temperature reductions, the creation of long-term gas reserves, gas reserves in the event of short-term emergency situations in the gas supply system, as well as to ensure the transit of export gas.
The specialists of AVGroup have considerable experience in the design and commissioning of underground gas storage facilities. Our experts are authors of over 20 of the latest developments in the creation and operation of gas storage patents Ukraine, and about 100 scientific publications devoted to this issue. The latest research and development of specialists of our company have been tested and successfully implemented at 13 underground gas storage facilities in Ukraine.
Based on experience and knowledge AVGroup offers a wide range of services in the creation and operation of underground gas storage facilities, including:
Study of the suitability of exhausted gas, gas condensate, oil fields and aquifers as objects for the creation of underground gas storage facilities
Optimization of the location of underground gas storage in the gas supply system
Technological design of new facilities underground gas storage development and adjustments to previously completed projects
On-site designer supervision over the creation and operation of underground gas storage facilities
Creation of geological and gas hydrodynamic models of underground gas storage
Development of new technological solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency of the creation and operation of underground gas storage facilities
Development of optimal modes of injection and selection of gas for existing underground gas storage facilities
Training on the creation and operation of underground gas storage facilities
Design of oil and gas (operational, exploratory, research) wells:
Preparation of pre-project decisions for coordination with the Customer
Development of a technical project for drilling
Expertise support
Author's support during drilling
Design of mine degasification wells (degassing of coal from the surface horizon)
Design of water wells
Design of the arrangement of oil and gas wells
Estimating work (drilling, overhaul of wells)